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Let CareIndexing unlock the power of your clinical notes.


Approximately 80% of all clinical data today is in an unstructured format, such as free text, or other formats that can not be used by other IT systems for health and medical care. Therefore, lots of detailed and important information is lost. CareIndexing transforms unstructured text into a structured and usable format, using AI algorithms and NLP (Natural Language Processing). These unique features minimize time spent on manual indexing, optimizes the work flow for health care professionals and improves data analysis and research.


key benefits


State of art analytics, visualization and dashboards for stakeholders

Timely response and agility

Words from CEO

Read our CEOs’ take on interoperability and vision for the future of NLP solutions.

“Implementing CareIndexing and a NLP solution to your healthcare organisation will give accurately use to the unstructured data. Improved quality of data will in that way contribute to better patient care through better usage of data. This is something we at CareIndexing are very proud to be a part of.”


CEO & Founder, CareIndexing